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Michigan Candyland

Dye-Free Candy

Dye-Free Candy

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Don't Eat Paint! Try some of our beautiful candy made with real fruit juice and real natural colors. To make our candy colors we use Turmeric, Spirulina, Carrots, Black Currant, and Sweet Potatoe. Never any red dye 40! I learned about the problems that children have from the fake dyes after my son had to visit a nutritionist. I wanted to start a candy company that would create fun and delicious treats for everyone. 

We have a variety of flavors that change throughout the year. Check back regularly to see what is in season! These are the flavors and colors we have now: 

Apple (Turmeric,)

Blackberry (Black Currant,)

Sour Lemon (Turmeric),

Black Cherry (Sweet Potatoe)

Wild Strawberry (Carrot) 

Watermelon (Spirulina Turmeric and Carrot) 

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