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Michigan Candyland

Dye-Free Lollipops

Dye-Free Lollipops

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We have 2 sizes of lollipops so kids of all ages can enjoy them. And we are excited to say that all of our real candy is dye-free and colored with vegetables and spices. We use Turmeric, sweet potato, spirulina, black currants and carrots to naturally color our candy.

The small 1 oz lollipops are made with the same ingredients as the large and poured into molds to fit into little mouths. We realized parents wanted some peace and quiet and a treat that kids could finish in one sitting. 

Our big lollipops are the signature hand-pulled swirl Pop with several colors. Due to the way we hand pull the candy there is naturally some variation in each and every batch with the colors. But the taste is the same. We only use natural vegetables for coloring and real fruit juices concentrate for flavor. No red dye 40 ever. 

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