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Our Mission

Our Mission is to Create an Inclusive Workforce at Our Candy Store


Too often, adults with disabilities are overlooked when it comes to finding meaningful employment. But did you know that our local candy store in Grand Rapids, Michigan is creating a fun and inclusive working environment for people of all abilities? Our mission is to look at a person's abilities, not disabilities when hiring employees. The Burned Sugar candy shop offers a unique opportunity for adults with disabilities to find fulfilling work, build relationships with customers, and create a sense of belonging in their community. Let’s take a look at how this works.


Inclusion is Key

Creating an inclusive workplace starts with hiring practices that embrace diversity. Our candy store looks beyond traditional approaches when recruiting new employees and actively seek out individuals who may not be considered “the norm” when it comes to job candidates. This creates an environment where everyone can feel welcome and accepted, regardless of ability or disability.


Additionally, our business seeks to provide additional support services for their employees with disabilities as needed. These can include things like flexible scheduling options or accommodations for physical or mental impairments. Having extra support helps make sure that every employee has the resources they need to succeed in the workplace.


The Impact on Employees

Working at our Burned Sugar candy store in Michigan can be incredibly rewarding for adults with and without disabilities. It gives them the chance to build relationships with customers, learn new skills, and gain valuable work experience—all while having fun! Everyone needs a place where they feel included and valued; being able to work alongside peers in a safe and supportive environment can help provide this sense of belonging that many adults with disabilities crave but rarely find.


One day at one of her son's therapy appointments the Owner, Jacqueine Wubbena met some parents who created coffee shops designed to hire adults of all abilities. This chance meeting planted a seed that became the Burned Sugar Candy Company. Working at our candy store is more than just an opportunity for adults with disabilities—it’s also an opportunity to create lasting connections within the community by fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and respected. By embracing diversity through hiring practices and providing additional support services as needed, our business is making sure that all employees receive the same chance to succeed in the workplace – no matter what their disability may be!

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