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Made with fruit juice!

Burned Sugar's "healthy" line of fruit juice candy is so much more than just a delicious sweet treat. It's the perfect snack for people who want to watch what they eat without sacrificing the joy of indulging in candy. All of our candies are made with real fruit juices, so you get all the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals without artificial flavors or food colors.


Burned Sugar's line of candy made with real fruit juice is a great snack for those who are sensitive to red dye 40. This food dye has been linked to allergies, asthma, and even cancer in some cases. This was brought to the owner's attention when the school her son attends asked parents to refrain from bringing in snacks with red dye 40. Fortunately, our line of fruit juice candy is completely free of red dye 40, and all other artificial flavors or dyes. We only use sugar from sugar beets, Michigan made light corn syrup, and fruit juices from local farms or trusted organic sources.


"I try to make candy that my son and his friends can and do enjoy. Kids will tell the truth about a candy and if they like it, you will too." -Jaqueline

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Tried all the flavors of candy very unique delicious treat. Yummy can’t wait for more!

Rick Hertz

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